Collapsible menu speed

afroshus / 2008-11-25 07:29:58   

Hi I have noticed that my collapsible menu is not very smooth when the menu is collapsing it goes back smoothly and towards the end it sorts of jumps back in place. Also I have noticed in several sites such as this one marc
the menu collapses pretty fast and smoothly with no glitches like the one I have mentioned above. Here is my site

afroshus / 2008-11-25 07:30:39   

sorry the link to my site is this

AntoineLafontaine / 2008-11-25 08:20:11   

The "jumping" is probably due to the padding/margin you've added to the menu items in your customized css. The collapsing part of the menu will "jump" if it has any padding/margin after its size is reduced to down zero.

You have to adapt your template/css in order to consider that.

Hope that helps.

afroshus / 2008-11-25 19:54:01   

By adapt what do you mean Antoine? how do I compensate for that? Does the menu have a minimum padding/margin? I am totally confused now, sorry for being totally clueless

Vaska A / 2008-11-25 20:55:50   

I think he means that it needs more cowbell in addition to less padding/margin on the #menu ul and #menu ul li parts.

afroshus / 2008-11-25 22:30:24   

That makes it more clear, however, Vaska what do you mean by cowbell?

afroshus / 2008-11-25 22:32:52   

Never mind I get it

Vaska A / 2008-11-25 22:37:42

AntoineLafontaine / 2008-11-26 04:14:19   

Yes, no padding/margin, but it will change visually, so you need to adapt your design to consider this... or rewrite the menu to get an extra div under/over menu item to be able to apply padding there which will not effect the ul and li... and so on... it becomes complicated very quickly from there, so just removing padding/margin should be considered first.

And that is why I said adapt instead of "fix"...

afroshus / 2008-11-26 06:34:09   

Thanks all but I'll live with the jump for now until I have time go back and redesign the site (since this is more of a temp site) I love indexhibit and it has made me learn a little bit more about CSS (or at least made me more comfortable with learning it) I really appreciate what you guys are doing here. I can't wait to see future releases of the software.

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