Issues with customizing after upgrading...

sholem / 2020-08-30 08:36:10   

I've upgraded to v 2.1.6. First, I keep getting a message at the top of my screen asking me to upgrade, and when I click on the 'upgrade' link, it says upgrade successful, but the upgrade prompt doesn't go away. Second, now that I've upgraded, whenever I type text into a page, the page won't save and won't preview.

lucaremotti / 2020-10-28 12:47:14   

This has happened to me also, when I upgraded from the very first version 0.7. Finally I decided to scratch the website and to start over again. That is the reason why it is absolutely recommended to have a full back-up, otherwise the website will have to be reconstructed completely.

I used the incident to restructure everything and that was a good thing, but would recommend to save *at least* the style sheets.