upgrade has broken all features

nhd / 2020-10-18 00:19:49   

after going through the insane process of trying to get my site going again i manged to get it to load but now i find its all broken - no images no text just basic nav but all empty.

there is something here about how to fix but im not a web dev, im not a software developer, im just a regular person


honestly this is so unclear i cant follow it at all?
i know this is a free platform but i can see why people dont donate - ITS FUKEN IMPOSSIBLE TO USE - and poorly supported and documented.

what does this mean?

There are a number of changes to the syntax for template variables and plugins. Let's list the changes that need to be made. Variables should be changed from:

-> Updating Tempates And Formats
Plugins should be changed from:

Indexhibit has a new feature that will queue your CSS and Javascript calls, so you should change to the following lines in the 'head' of your template:

and where would i change this? come on. even a picture or step by step tutorial would help rather than just babbling tech nonsense in an elite sanctimonuous way.

if you want people to donate - make it easy to use, or at least functional. its a terrible platform and i wish i never used it now, wasted so much time.

Vaska A / 2020-10-18 04:11:41   

The forum is supposed to be run by 'community' members like you - but nobody helps each other (except Frami, thank you). How many people have you helped in the past decade?

Overreacting about things doesn't help. Text and images are not 'all features'. I see text and images on the About page. You can resolve this quite easily...

Visit the exhibits from the studio (editor) to regenerate images. You will need to re-apply the old CSS rules yourself (version 2 started in 2012). This is the process...things look good.

No need for the swearing...and mean comments.