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droptes / 2008-06-06 02:42:00   

hi, I was succesful in adding one database in an installation procedure.
However, when I try again with a new website (I want to make two websites - is this allowed?), it will only recognize the database of the first website. I know *strange* right?
Especially since the two sites are not connected. I also downloaded and uploaded the files separately for each there is no sharing of files or something between the two.
I am confused. The sites require different login information so I don't get why both sites only recognize the one database, and one site fails to recognize its respective database.
the sites are:

if you have any advice, let me know, thanks.

AntoineLafontaine / 2008-06-06 03:24:23   

Are you using the same database? If so, this will become a problem since indexhibit will use the same table in that database... making all your sites use the same data... There's some ways around that, but basically you need to use a different database for each site.

If you can't because your provider won't let you have more than one database, you need to change the prefix prepended to the tables so that there's no "data sharing/collision" between your 2 sites.

The prefix is set in defaults.php file in the ndxz-studio folder.

This is not a simple thing to do. If you're not comfortable with those concepts... be careful and backup your database before doing anything. You might erase your data if you're not careful.

car105 / 2008-06-06 16:50:20   

hi, i'd like to add a kinda similar question to this thread. i'm trying to install a second indexhibit and am running into a hurdle. my webhost migrated my site to a 'grid server' where i can theoretically have many subdomains using separate databases. so of the four install variables, the only different one is the database name, which is a grid# prepend followed by whatever name you choose. the tech guy assured me this meant a complete separation of db. so far so good, i was able to get the first site up yesterday. but now i'm trying to install the second indexhibit and i can't get past the initial login using index1 / exhibit , i just get 'Your password or login are incorrect. Try again.' any thoughts? my host is mediatemple. thanks!first site

car105 / 2008-06-06 19:59:10   

here is some more info for comparison, both config.php with some blackouts, psswds and db prepends are identical:



they are sub-domains in a single domain with separate db's.
thanks again for any input!!

car105 / 2008-06-06 20:02:33   


site #1
<?php if (!defined('SITE')) exit('No direct script access allowed');

$indx['db'] = 'db****_carlosancalmo';
$indx['user'] = 'carlosancalmo';
$indx['pass'] = '****';
$indx['host'] = '';
$indx['sql']= 'mysql';

<?php if (!defined('SITE')) exit('No direct script access allowed');

$indx['db'] = 'db****_car105';
$indx['user'] = 'carlosancalmo';
$indx['pass'] = '****';
$indx['host'] = '';
$indx['sql']= 'mysql';


Vaska A / 2008-06-06 20:59:20   

Did you install the database on the second site? There really is no reason this wouldn't work if it's installed...

I have billions of sites, test sites, beta sites, experiments on our grid problems.

A thought you, are you sure that the 'user' has access privileges for the second database? This would be in the control panel someplace...

car105 / 2008-06-06 21:21:57   

hi, mysql database was installed.
as far as my understanding of the admin panel i believe yes on the access privileges, but just in case i am calling host to confirm.
also, i got through the install where it had confirmed green ok for 'Looks like the database is ready' ??
thanks again for taking the time!!!

car105 / 2008-06-06 21:33:56   

the folks at mediatemple confirm that in my case user is global.

AntoineLafontaine / 2008-06-07 15:00:09   

I've installed multiple DB/sites on MT accounts in the past. There's no real problem in using a global username/password as long as you have separate DBs and that the user is allowed to access each DB...

Like Vaska mentionned up there, did you create that second DB? Did you give access to that new DB to your "carlosancalmo" user?

Hope this helps.

car105 / 2008-06-07 16:57:37   

thanks antoine! i have to ask again about this:
i got through the install where it had confirmed green ok for 'Looks like the database is ready' is that not significant?

Vaska A / 2008-06-07 18:20:08   

To be honest...I'm not really sure what to say here. It should work...have you checked the actual config.php files to confirm the connection info? Barring that...something is odd here...I don't think this is caused by Indexhibit...

Unless, your setup has some kind of htaccess issue going on...

car105 / 2008-06-07 22:42:25   

first i deleted the db in question then created it again. then i attempted installation using firefox this time. safari at least had given some config.php info as i posted above. with firefox got a different message:

XX Please check your config settings again.
Go to the help forum for assistance.

i will try to get at this htaccess issue, though mediatemple says it's all ok.

car105 / 2008-06-07 23:00:34   

ghost in the machine. after several attempts, it's working. nothing learned?... moving on. thanks Jeffery and Antoine. i'll send you guys some money as soon as i recover from obama donations.

car105 / 2008-06-07 23:14:13   

oy vey spoke too soon. so it's installed...but where it's getting hung up is the moment i try to change the name/psswd. it won't let me do that. then when i logout i can't log back in at all. i can log into the first site where i changed my name/psswd. but with the 2nd site, doesn't work in safari or firefox. any thoughts? it just returns me to blanks log in page. i tried using 1st name/psswd combo as well just in case.

AntoineLafontaine / 2008-06-08 02:41:55   

The more I think about it, the more this sounds like and htaccess issue... or a conflict with PHP versions (?) hummm.

Okey, I'll shoot many ideas and most of it might be super off, but anyways, any of it might help.

Have you set which php version you use in the MT control panel... and if so, do you have an htaccess file anywhere on your server space that tries to set it to another version (is is possible to override which php version will be used to render .php files AND MT servers have both php4 and php5 available... double check this and any conflict that it may cause)

Do you have any htaccess files in a folder ABOVE your indexhibit folders... this might conflict with indexhibit's one.

Since your use 2 different subdomains... maybe your php settings are different for each... again MT control panel...

I am not sure if this is in any close way related to your specific (and somewhat strange) problem, but this could be any good guess.

car105 / 2008-06-08 03:26:50   

This is inherited from an older site, but there is a .htaccess that exists above the domains folder which contains both subdomains. appears to be a config file related to urchin stats?
it begins:

RewriteEngine On RewriteRule ^domains/[^\/]+/html/webstats[/]?$
could this be a conflict, and could i just delete it? sorry, guys, not too familiar with these things.

i will also investigate your other leads. many thanks.

Vaska A / 2008-06-08 14:35:29   

Not sure what that is at all...just comment out the lines and see what happens...use # to comment them out.

car105 / 2008-06-09 12:04:20   

I spoke with a tech at MT who has come across cms issues recently with indexhibit. just for the heck of it, together we deleted the db in question, put it up again, and tried a reinstall. the tech was doing the install, checked the php versions, he assured me the apache file above is standard mt and didn't seem to affect the first site, all other variables were good to go technically as far as the mt control panel. he was able to log in to the first indexhibit which is up and running just for crosscheck, but during the install for the second indexhibit, he got stuck at the same install step as i have over and over, and he gave up. no allow on the name/password reset, and no ability to get back into the indexhibit. you're just locked out completely. he looked through the tables and found both databases looked identical, configs were set up as they should be, db's were indeed separated and equally accessed through the global user, same php version, no random htaccess files above indexhibit folders. sigh...

Vaska A / 2008-06-09 12:11:15   

If these are on separate domains I don't see how this could be an Indexhibit issue. Makes no sense at all.

I would appreciate that if they have come across "issues" that somebody tell us...I hear this all the time (another one of the wonderful things that I have a deal with as a creator of open source) and nobody ever comes up with anything. It's just a convenient way, usually, to say something is not right without ever finding the real source of the problem.

If you give me access to everything...ftp...control panel...indexhibit logins...database...I'll take a look.

There are tons of people already using MT.

Vaska A / 2008-06-09 12:15:07 works works

They look different to me.

car105 / 2008-06-09 16:47:23   

again not sure if this is significant, but as posted above, they are subdomains of the same domains. as far as the 'issues' the tech guy maybe was trying to get me off the phone? i have his name perhaps can track him down and ask him what cms issues he was referring to specifically. i wish i had the knowhow to help solve this for the good of open source, and not seem like it's just for me...i'm way over my head here. my wife uses indexhibit as well, she's at a loss too. anyway, i certainly appreciate your advice, your app, and your patience. i will get you all my info as soon as i can, thanks.

Vaska A / 2008-06-09 17:02:50   

Subdomains...then it makes sense to me that this is problematic. What you are doing is not a standard install of Indexhibit.

I understand completely why this isn't working...and why it's not worth it for you to pursue any more. It won't work. It's not a bug, but I'll add it to the list of things to change in a new version (no release date planned at this time).

Vaska A / 2008-06-09 17:26:17   

But, I'll still's possible to have "issues" with any web application. I wish people would report these "issues" to the past year people have claimed there were issues I had not and still have not seen, but they never pan out. Or I solve them in 3 seconds and point out where a person was misunderstanding.

We can't improve if we aren't even told about problems that we've never seen. Saying to us, "there are issues", doesn't really mean anything.

car105 / 2008-06-09 18:35:06   

yes, understood. thank you again both for your all your answers.

AntoineLafontaine / 2008-06-10 02:12:28   

Alright, I've been bugged by this issue, so I tried it to see if it was really impossible...

The answer is: no problem at all!. you can have as many indexhibit installs on an MT (gs) hosting plan as you want.

Here is how you should do it:

1. Go to the manage database in your control panel. Add 2 (or more) distinct databases (will be named something like dbXXXXX_yourdbdname).

2. Go in the global settings tab (still in the manage DB menu) and Add a new user (or more, but one is just fine). Then manke sure to check the PERMISSIONS and give access to that user to all the new database you created (you need to give read/write access, not just read!)

3. Make your sub domains in your domains folder via ftp (or ssh). eg:, (do not forget to also make and html folder in each of those folders)

4. In each sub-domain's html folder, upload all indexhibit's file

5. Rename the htaccess file to .htaccess and make adjustments to the defaults.php file to get modwrite on and have clean URLs (it is supported by MT, nothing special to do)

6. launch your favorite (FF, Safari, Opera) web browser and execute

7. Enter all the needed information for the database (do not forget that MT database server are accessed using a special url that starts by, check the global settings page to get your own)

8.You should have one install completed. Redo these instructions for all the other sub-domains you want to use (possibly only from step 6 and on since your probably already setup all the databases the first time).

Alright, that's it. Please let me know if I forgot anything.

Vaska A / 2008-06-10 09:08:40   

And you can login to the cms? Each one? The cookie setup, I believe, won't allow for more than one on a domain. I've had this problem in the past myself...and I know why.

Some subdomain setups as well...embed sites within other sites...this too could be an issue.

But it's a moot point...if it works it works...if it doesn't it doesn't. We built the original version to be good for a personal site...not multiple installations on a single domain.

AntoineLafontaine / 2008-06-10 11:01:38   

I've had no problem login in in both installs at the same time using Safari.
Didn't have the time to test with other browsers...

As for problem with sub-domains, it might be true, but in this case I did the test on a MT account, so I can say that it does work on MT with their sub-domain setup. Since car105 is using MT I thought this could be relevant.

Hope this helps.

Vaska A / 2008-06-10 11:10:20   

You and I know the browsers won't matter...not sure where that came up.

If it works it's not standard installation though...we can only support so much.

car105 / 2008-06-10 16:20:19   

gentlemen, thanks! for the cogitation, I'll try this first thing over the weekend as I'm unable to get to it today. I'll come back to this thread then.

Adria / 2008-07-07 18:14:07   

Hello. I understand if this is beyond the scope of this forum, and you don't want to respond, but I'm completely stumped here.

I also tried to use indexhibit for a subdomain. I used the same database. Then I realized that was a big mistake. The original site disapeared, as in the screen is blank when you go to that url, and when you went to the sub url, you got all the info for the main one but with out the styling.

I tried to fix this by removing the subdomain from the server, so it wouldn't get in the way anymore. I still get a blank screen when I go to the main site,

Do you think I should start over? Right now, I'd just love to see the original site again.

thanks again for your time


Vaska A / 2008-07-07 21:09:25   

Can you show us?

Adria / 2008-07-08 07:44:11   

the site, you mean? that is

Vaska A / 2008-07-08 08:10:32   

Well, would have been nice to see the subdomain as well.

But you've installed on top of another installation...I really have no idea was has happened now. You could probably edit things, delete out the extra entries in every table, and then see if it works.

There isn't an easy fix'll have to go in and figure out the database.

Adria / 2008-07-08 08:46:07   

ok. thanks.

Andie / 2009-10-14 11:30:47   

hello over there ! i am running two indexhibit in one database, i thought its all working, after replacing all the "_ndxz" to "_ann" , i got all rolling and made sections, pages, change some css but when i wanted to add content (text) to a page, or publish or hide, indexhibit refreshes and cleans the content or wont pusblish at all
is there anything you think i am doing wrong?

many thanks in advance and congratulations for the great work !

Andie / 2009-10-14 12:07:14   

i forgot to say the first domain (blinkingkino) is working fine, the issue is with the second one..
save, preview all the menu on the left side (in the admin page) is not working except upload images and change colors
i did replace the ndxz to ann only in the second domain

Vaska A / 2009-10-14 12:58:40   

You can't install twice into the same database...

Andie / 2009-10-14 12:59:16   

ok.. i got it now working
thanks again for indexhibit !

sp / 2010-01-07 15:50:08   

Hey Guys.

I also got a problem with having two indexhibit sites up.

This is the first one:

Today I installed a second indexhibit on (so it has a database on its own). Everything seemed to work fine with the installation until I wanted to log in: the default username and password weren't accepted. So I tried logging in with the name and password of my first indexhibit site: that did work.

The content on the new site is the same as on the old site (except for styles (font, colors etc)). All the pictures are there though I didn't upload them to the new site. If I make a change to the new site ist shows on the old one aswell.

I don't get the problem.
I only have one MySQL database I use it for both sites, could that be the problem (reading this thread beforehand I thought it wouldn't be a problem)? There must be something that connects the sites when it shouldn't.

I would be really grateful for any insight.

older site:
site in question:


sp / 2010-01-08 13:52:53   

okay I guess I get it, I didn't read "datatbase" as MySQL database. so it won't work with just one MySQL database, thats a pity.

Klara / 2010-03-27 09:57:44   

My webhotell told me I needed different table-prefix for installing two indexhibit, one in /se and one in /en since I cannot add more databases..

Reading this thread I'm still not sure how I can do there a step-by-step guide how to change the table-prefix?

Kind regards,

lemathieu A / 2010-03-27 10:18:10   

@ klara :

as Antoine said :

If you can't because your provider won't let you have more than one database, you need to change the prefix prepended to the tables so that there's no "data sharing/collision" between your 2 sites.

The prefix is set in defaults.php file in the ndxz-studio folder.

This is not a simple thing to do. If you're not comfortable with those concepts... be careful and backup your database before doing anything. You might erase your data if you're not careful.

so you will access "tables" with phpMyAdmin (if your host provides it to you)
all the rest is in his comment

Klara / 2010-03-27 14:15:04   

Alrighty, I will just wait for assistance from my host first.. i dont really have the guts to do that on my own ;)


Klara / 2010-03-27 14:15:07   

Alrighty, I will just wait for assistance from my host first.. i dont really have the guts to do that on my own ;)


kgallerneaux / 2010-07-31 23:04:57   


I am attempting to use Indexhibit with multiple domains with one hosting site.. Is there a way to search and replace the ndxz string without using Dreamweaver? I tried using the search function through Windows, but I'm guessing it goes deeper than this, as it didn't work..

This thread has been closed, thank you.