Forum Guidelines

Forum Guidelines

Support is provided by community members just like you. Feel free to help others.

We expect people to be patient, courteous and civil at all times in the forum. Please be thoughtful before you post.

Please make your questions as clear and concise as you possibly can. Stay on topic and do not derail other user questions.

Try searching the forum before posting your question. Look over the list of recent previously asked questions, as well.

We expect that you are linking back to Indexhibit on your website. Do not ever post your email address, password or other personal information (besides simply your URL) to the forum.

Advertising, spam and promotions (except from Indexhibit) are strictly forbidden and may lead to immediate banning from the forum. This forum is not to be used for commercial purposes. Meaning, most especially, we do not offer recommendations or discuss webhosting in this forum. We recommend webhosting here for your convenience.

Thank you.