Themes, Formats and Plugins


Themes can change the overall look and layout of your site. The "default" theme which arrives with Indexhibit produces the "index" + "exhibit" format.

If you wish to customize your site further we suggest that you duplicate the default folder, give it a new name, and then make your changes/additions. You've just created your own theme.


Formats, or more precisely exhibit formats, define how you present your work in the exhibit area of your website. Try out the different exhibit formats and their various options to understand the full range of possibilities. Each format has their own unique global and exhibit level options. Global options are found in the Admin > Formats area, while exhibit level options are accessible when editing Exhibit Options.


Plugins are utilities that add specific abilities to your website. Plugins come in many different varieties: some have customizable options while other some. Some plugins may require special installation so it's very important to read the instructions.


Themes, exhibit formats and plugins can be found in the plugins area.

We encourage you to contribute your own customization to the Indexhibit community: once they are tested and approved by Indexhibit, they will be added to the list and be available to other users.

Send your customizations to customize [at] indexhibit [dot] org.