Common Installation Problems

Common Installation Problems

404 Not Found

Double check the address in your browser's navigation bar and make sure you have uploaded Indexhibit to the right folder on your server: is it in your web root? Have you uploaded the Indexhibit folder contents there or the whole folder? Only upload the contents of the folder - not the folder itself.

Use your FTP application to double check if the folder where you uploaded the system is readable.

Folders or files are not writable

Use your FTP application to change the folder permissions. Usually, you can hit Command + I to get a permissions dialog.

Please check your config settings again

Indexhibit cannot connect to your database. Make sure your database information is correct. Exact spelling, including use of blank spaces and upper and lowercase, is important. Confirm and double confirm your database connection information with your webhost.

Multiple installations in the same database

To use multiple installations of Indexhibit with the same database, simply change the default value of the “database append” field during the installation process, for example: ndxz2_. This must be different for each Indexhibit installation.

If you cannot find a solution

Register, search and/or ask for help in our forum.