General Security Note

General Security Note

We take security seriously and we try to the best of our abilities to prevent damage happening to your website. However, this is an ongoing battle with constantly updating code to stay up-to-date and we recommend that you check our website frequently for updates. We will also soon be adding an auto-notification for updates within the Indexhibit CMS.

Some security tips:

1 - before you install ask your host if you can use 755 permissions instead of 777 with your CMS. 755 is a safer set of permissions and some hosts have them setup so you can still upload files without worry.

777 permissions are technically always insecure but they have become necessary over the years for many websites.

2 - keep your site up-to-date.

3 - choose a good password - not something that a bot can easily figure out.

4 - be careful installing things to your website that you have found around the web. This website is the official location for themes, plugins, exhibit formats and even Indexhibit and we will test thoroughly before they are added to our website.

5 - if you are going to share your site be careful who you are giving logins to.

6 - when in doubt, ask a question in our forum.