Forum Rules

Vaska A / 2008-06-23 19:35:18   

Forum Rules

If you want access of any sort in the forum you will have a link somewhere on your site along the lines of "Built with Indexhibit" (meaning a credit). This is our only form of advertising for this project. We may ask for your url, even if you are still building your site, we want to find a link or we may be unable to help you.

The helpers here are volunteers. Our first responsibility is to help people with installations and real bugs. We enjoy helping with customizations but we would prefer that other members of the community get involved and help out with CSS customizations in the forum.

1. Be clear and polite: no multiple postings of the same question, no caps lock writing, overuse of bold text, please write legibly, tell us where your site is, make it easy for us to be here and help. How to ask a question. Keep threads on topic and on language. People are allowed to start threads in the language of their choice. Don't post your email address and don't post your password.

2. Listen to our advice - 99% of the time we're correct. Telling us that the 'tech' person said 'it doesn't work' means nothing.

3. Be prepared to try and learn (customizations). We'll try to help you learn but we likely won't simply write code for you.

4. No advertising paid solicitations, goods or services, again, the forum is a free space. Doing so will result in immediate banning. This forum is not the place to be discussing webhosting options - ask your friends for recommendations. Additionally, signatures ('sigs') are not allowed in the forum.

5. Please follow up on your progress (it may help other users in the future as well).

6. If you have a problem in the forum tell us: contact Indexhibit. Note, we do not delete posts - if you post something expect it to be a permanent record to help others in the future.

And finally, these are additional ways that you can support this project.

(We reserve the right to edit this list.)

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