Collapsing menu problem

liamhenry / 2011-11-08 09:50:52   


I dont know why but all of a sudden the collapse menu i was using has suddenly stopped working, can anyone tell why?

I'm not great at html or css so as basic as possible will help me.

G470 / 2011-11-08 12:17:47   

no need to double post.
You added some javascript that cause errors. So the scripts stopped working.
Remove the scripts or fix them.
Firebug, safari developer tools or chrome developer tools will show you the errors.

liamhenry / 2011-11-08 16:41:27   

I cannot for the life of me figure out what ive done, is there any way you can find out?

G470 / 2011-11-08 17:46:14   

...sorry, sometimes I'm too fast...
You added some javascript to your site that is causing errors.
Because of this your script stopped working the way it should.

  1. When I open the sourcecode of you site there is some code, starting at line 283...
  2. The code you added for your facebook like button I think. This code is causing errors cause you pasted javascript code with some <br /> tags in it.

remove those and the first step is done ;)
... here is a small howto on chrome dev tools
check the console tab to get more informations or post back here, I´ll help :)

liamhenry / 2011-11-09 04:54:16   


Thankyou very much for helping me find that. I removed the facebook like button but i still cant get the menu to collapse..

G470 / 2011-11-09 05:06:12   

Hi, now you still got 4 javascript errors.
Also remove the google analytics javascript. It has the same break tags in it ;).

liamhenry / 2011-11-09 05:35:14   


Im sorry where is my analytics javascript? im sorry im useless at not sure what ive done to stop it working. i dont know much about using all of this you see

G470 / 2011-11-09 05:46:47   

no problem...

open your /ndxz-studio/site/SVandC_theme/index.php
and search for "bottom-section"

inside the bottom-section you will find some script tags. Remove them ;)

rickykappa / 2011-11-09 05:55:45   

I don't know if I'm late...
however I didn't see any google script in the html source while the menu didn't work.
I can definitely say that the jquery.js which is now online isn't the original provided with indexhibit and that this is causing the expanding problem.
replacing it with a fresh new copy will bring back the expanding menu as before

liamhenry / 2011-11-09 05:58:50   

Ive looked at the bottom section, all i can find is this?


    liamhenry / 2011-11-09 05:59:05   
    1. <ul class="bottom-section">
    2. <li><%obj_ibot%></li>
    3. </ul>

    Vaska A / 2011-11-09 06:04:18   

    What Ricky says...Jquery is not firing because something is wrong with the file. Reupload the one that ships with Indexhibit...

    liamhenry / 2011-11-09 06:20:04   

    thanks guys.. and again, how do i do that/where do i get the fresh original? Sorry!

    rickykappa / 2011-11-09 06:38:21   

    download it again from the left menu and reupload that file in your /ndxz-studio/site/plugin/ folder

    liamhenry / 2011-11-09 06:40:19   

    i did it finally! Thanks very much for your help guys, the forum here is incredibly helpful

    G470 / 2011-11-09 10:57:28   

    Nice to hear that you made it :)
    Sorry If I pointed you into the wrong direction by mistake...

    This thread has been closed, thank you.