Common Installation Issues

Vaska A / 2015-01-24 16:20:42   

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These are some things you should check if you are having problems:

- is PHP enabled on your server? Ask your host...
- are your database connection strings correct? Confirm with your host...

Don't know where your files are?

- use a good FTP app like Transmit or Coda (from Panic) for OSX. It will make a huge difference.

- if you have uploaded and can't find your files or get a not found error message ask your host to show you were your files are (if they won't help you with this then what good are they).

- we don't recommend you use free webhosting because it often has silly security issues and you will likely experience random problems later.

- we don't support personal hosting setups (like on your computer) - this is an advanced option and you should have an understanding how this works in order to make it happen.

And remember to link back to Indexhibit somewhere on your site.


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