upgrade installation hangs at database screen

mikronized / 2016-09-22 13:25:08   

Hi there,

Trying to upgrade to version 2 and it hangs when it gets to the database screen, I hit submit and nothing happens, I've double checked all the info to make sure that it's right. Any thoughts?

jukar / 2017-10-27 21:39:22   

Some here. Help would be appreciated.

alekananda / 2017-12-11 16:39:05   


I have exactly the same issue. Is someone solved that yet ?

JPBonzon / 2018-01-11 06:10:24   

Same here! :(

pgn / 2020-11-11 17:38:16   

same here!

jacobriddle / 2021-02-20 19:35:01   

Also having the same issue

jacobriddle / 2021-02-21 03:01:16   

I seem to have solved it the database location that was auto filled was wrong. I put in the ip for my database and it worked out

Vaska A / 2021-02-23 10:44:13   

That's a good point. The auto-filled database host info was changed when your host upgraded the server. Not all hosts do this, but many, do.

This thread has been closed, thank you.