How to unlinked section titles (again...)

pacholak / 2017-02-06 12:41:25   

Hello guys,
ok, here is my website:

I know this topic was discussed here many times. I did research and didn't find any working solution. When I had previous 0.73 version I worked it out with no problem.

After upgraded to 2.1.3 I customised almost everything except linked section titles

My section titles (series, portraits, book and info) are linked to section page. I don't want to have section page nor linked section titles.

The publish/unpublish, hide/unhide solution doesn't work here (whole section with exhibits just disappears).

Thanks for help!

badalian / 2017-02-22 05:20:34   

I have the same question.

davix / 2017-03-06 16:21:39   
  1. plugin.index.php
  2. change line 490
  3. from:
  4. $section_title = "<li><span id='section_title_" . $this->section['secid'] . "' class='section_title{$active}'><a href='" . $OBJ->baseurl . ndxz_rewriter($this->section['url']) . "' id='section_link_" . $this->section['secid'] . "'>" . $this->section['sec_desc'] . "</a></span>n";
  5. to:
  6. $section_title = "<li><span id='section_title_" . $this->section['secid'] . "' class='section_title{$active}'>" . $this->section['sec_desc'] . "</span>n";
  1. and change your css
  2. #index ul.section span.section_title, #index ul.section span.section_title a {
  3.     cursor: default;
  4. }
arnauddw / 2017-06-05 18:05:32   

I'm having the same question. Thanks David for a solution.

@Vaska: I prefer the old behaviour. Unpublishing a (section) exhibit, hides all exhibits in that section now. Do you have any plans to reverse this?

Vaska A / 2017-06-05 23:36:39   

You can do both now.

You can unpublish a section top page so it doesn't have a link or you can hide the entire secction via Admin > Sections.

saschavanriel / 2017-11-17 17:06:17   

To 'unlink' section titles-
go to "ASSETS"-> Template (default) /style.CSS and look up and change the following rule:

/* styles for the section titles */
#index ul.section span.section_title,
#index ul.section span.section_title a
/* change this rule here*/
{ color: black;font-weight: bold; disabledLink;pointer-events:none}

for mobile you can do the same, though, for finding your mobile style.css, change in your adres-bar 'default' into 'mobile'.
there you can do exactly the same-
look up
/* styles for the section titles */
#index ul.section span.section_title,
#index ul.section span.section_title a
/*change this rule here:*/
{ color: black;font-weight: bold; disabledLink;pointer-events:none}

Vaska A / 2017-11-17 17:13:43   

Thanks Sasha, but the files too look at for this aren't in assets...they are in...


And you will also find some less common rules for the index in base.css, as well.

sbico / 2018-02-08 22:01:51   

Hi everyone,

I try to find a solution for the linked section title.

in my site I use index expand plugin. The index title "Montage" is excluded from the Index Expand plugin so it has a link. I want to remove the link.
I try to unpublish "Montage", but every elements in the section disappear from index.

I try the Sasha solution, but it's not copatible with index expand. If I disable pointer-events other sections don't expand anymore.

Any solution ?

I'm on indexhibit 2.1.5

pacholak / 2020-02-21 10:24:46   

@saschavanriel THX a lot! it works

This thread has been closed, thank you.