Updating themes and exhibit formats for Indexhibit 2

artpimp / 2018-05-05 01:29:22   

Hi guys,

I have upgraded to v2.1.5 (including changes to the PHP Admin, ndxzstudio/site folders ) and I got through the tutorials but am stuck at templates and formats: indexhibit.org/tutorials/upgrade/updating-templates-and-exhibit-formats/

I edited as much as I can in the index.php file, but don't know which files to actually change for Themes CCC and Formats.

The upgrade seems to have been installed okay, but the Admin section is the same as v1, no changes there to any options...

I would happily pay you to fix this for me, as I simply want to enable the mobile plugin to my site.


Many thanks!

artpimp / 2018-05-05 03:15:50   

I think I worked it out (updated the plugins folder on the public html. But my site is now green throughout (despite changing back to white) and the main window is now really wide and there is no setting to fix. Any ideas?

katiehare / 2018-11-16 13:19:17   

I am having the same issue - I had trouble updating the themes and plugins and when I updated my plugins folder, the background of my site and text is now green. Did you manage to solve this?