XX check config - problems with database

lunacoppola / 2018-08-24 13:29:17   

Hello to all,
I'm trying to install indexbhit for my website. I have a problem with database configuration. I enter all the data, which are correct and continues giving me this error: XX check config
I entered all the data, I talked to the support service of my hosting, but I continue to have this problem.
can someone tell me something? can you help me please?

my website is: lunacoppola.com

thank you very much,\

Sardonic / 2018-08-24 16:57:22   

It is imperative that you read the threads in this forum, that way I could fix my install problem.
Try this: go to cpanel software/PHPversion 5.6 and tick nd_mysqli wait for propagation then reinstall it.

Vaska A / 2018-08-24 21:45:07   

Sardonic, thanks for the advice, but most Cpanels I have worked with - and I have worked with alot - do not have this feature. My current host doesn't even have it...

It's something you can try to check - but in most cases you need to double check your database connection and make sure they are correct. Which is what most of the install threads have been about for 12 years now.