Updating from PHP 5.6.x to PHP 7.2

jrtderonde / 2018-12-15 09:15:52   


I'm looking to upgrade an older version of your system in order to get it running on the latest version of PHP (the webhost is forcing us to).

I've followed your tutorial, replaced all the files (I didn't), checked the config.php. When I checked the /ndxz-studio/ url it returned an error like "No database found".

So I ran /ndxz-studio/install.php which showed the wizard to install but unfortunately didn't show any languages to choose from. I tried to insert a basic value of "en" to hack into the installation but that didn't work.

Do you know if I might be updating from a version that's too old? So, should I try updating to a version in between (my version) and 2.1.x?

If you want any additional information I can check the files for you. The readme.txt says the platform needs a PHP version > 4 (maybe you can tell which version I'm on from this info).

Am I doing something wrong? Should I maybe try to do a complete clean installation (very time consuming) or should the "code" be transfered manually?