Subsection titles disappear in the index once the exhibit is published

chocolette / 2018-12-25 23:13:32   

I'setting up my webpage again after updating to Indexhibit 2.1.5
I'm not very familiar with .css... So I try to work with the default settings.
For the menu I have created 3 Sections and some subsections. The subsections are visible only when they are NOT published.
So once I publish them, they become transparent = invisible.
What happens?
And: can I change the size and apprearance of the subsection-text? ( smaller/italic)

Thanks a lot in advance,

chocolette / 2018-12-25 23:23:49   

the adress is

Vaska A / 2018-12-26 04:24:48   

I posted about this just a few days ago...

You can customize titles as you's all in style.css and base.css.