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ninjarne / 2019-01-06 18:34:16   


I only get "login err" after upgrading to version 2. When I get to the point where I have the chance to send myself a new password through mail I don't get any mail. Checked spam filters and such. How do I proceed from here?

Happy late new year!
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evilyvel / 2019-01-07 23:37:55   


I got the same problem.
I have some Error 500 issues after the upgrate, therefore I tried several trick from the forum. Suddenly, the cms logged out and the password didn't work any more. It says I have used up all my login attempts. When I give the email-address of the account, it says the address isn't found. uelikemptertrio.ch/ndxzstudio/
I tried the reset2-plugin, but it only says "Hopefully that worked! ;)", without any possibilities to login …
Can someone help me?
I even tried to reinstall, but it didn't help.

Thanks a lot

ninjarne / 2019-01-26 01:37:42   

No one who knows?