Changes not applied, when come back from preview

Jannovak / 2019-02-12 06:44:14   

After fresh install of 2.1.5 (tried also with 2.0.1), I'm experiencing strange bug. When I change text in the editor, save it, go to preview, and then go back to editor, changes are gone. I need to refresh editor to see them. When I test indexhibit in your demo page, everything works fine. Tried both Safari and Chrome. Could it be problem with server settings? thank you, Jan

Randyotter / 2019-04-15 09:40:40   

I have this same issue

Vaska A / 2019-04-15 10:21:32   

Did you updated the root index.php file? Because, if you see it in the studio and not on your website - you forgot to replace this file (it's a common mistake).

Randyotter / 2019-04-15 10:41:39   

That quick paragraph just saved me from starting from scratch, the issue is solved thanks so much!

This thread has been closed, thank you.