Site's suddenly not working, and i'm confused re: versions(?) so a little lost in troubleshooting :/

joshtimonium / 2019-02-14 09:51:33   

Hi! Indexhibit has worked like a dream for me for a decade or so -- logging into the NDXZ portal, and updating it now and again

But I just noticed my site isn't loading. And I haven't changed anything recently, and domain and hosting are all paid up

If I need to update my version, can someone help me understand what that is / how to do it? Again, the only way I've interfaced with Indexhibit has been via my the "/ndxz-studio" login & portal

THANK YOU so much in advance,

anaistamen / 2019-02-17 18:26:02   

if your website is updated you should log-in via /ndxzstudio, not /ndxz-studio