Upgrade Instructions

r4oul / 2019-03-01 16:03:12   


I looked through the forum to see if this question had been asked. It had in 'Upgrade for Dummies' but it appears not to have been answered.

Please can someone provide some clear instructions on the upgrade process?

'After you have downloaded and unzipped your Indexhibit files, you simply need to only reupload the 'ndxzstudio' folder. '

What does this mean? Is this the backed up files I'm downloading or the newer version? In which case where do I download the new version from as I can't find a link anywhere on your website?

Kind regards

Raoul Strachan

anaistamen / 2019-03-08 11:22:55   

you upload the new version
the files are here : github.com/Indexhibit/…