Notes from a non-developer to all the non-developers here.

hck / 2019-04-03 16:19:57   

When troubleshooting from install to publishing, these things helped me:
- Vaska is right. Upgrade Indexhibit. I did a clean install after switching webhost. I did this and added some content in two mornings and two evenings.
- These days you can connect with your host via a chat window on their site 24/7. Do it.
- .htaccess is an important file. Google for info on this. My host tech guy edited this for security: the url went from http to https. It does other things, but some of your problems might be linked to this file (such as ‘502 Bad Gateway’ error).
- The config.php is another important file. It’s the communication ‘gate’ or ‘key’ between your indexhibit and your server. If you have connection issues at install or somehow the server changed, you will need to input database information here. In most cases your server address is ‘localhost’. For the other info I had to play around with info from the hosting server. I added a prefix before the ‘names’ and I got connected. This depends on how your webhost sets up the database.
- Upgrade to the latest PHP on your server hosting. Mine is 7.2. Do it.
- After install I had issues with images not showing up, blank pages, etc. The host tech guy edited the permissions on the server. Some things improved. Images didn’t show so I dug deeper into Formats and Plugins. Eventually after a day of fiddling around they showed up.
- I try to keep my images under 90kb, to minimise lag time.
- I was scanning this forum a lot and stayed diligent. I thought I might share my experience, so that it can help others.
- Donate for good karma. ;-) Thank you, Vaska, for your work.

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Vaska A / 2019-04-03 17:58:49   

Nice notes, hck. You are right, too.

Most people are having issues after upgrading because simply moving the files, updating the config.php isn't enough. You must make sure you are running a version of PHP greater than 5.6 - go for the highest available through your webhost (it works on all the newest things).

A note about PHP - they upgrade their framework and I have to abide by their rules. Recently, they discontinued support for version 5.6 and lower - meaning webhosts are upgrading and thusly, you also need to upgrade (if not today, then very soon).

I can't and I'm not going to answer the same questions over and over (for years now). Upgrade. Upgrade. I've been telling people to do this for over a year now. Upgrade and keep yourself upgraded. The next release of Indexhibit will have a thing that will tell you when a newer version exists (but I realize most people only login to the studio very infrequently). Your site is your responsibility.

I recommend everybody who reads this order a modernist mansion from hck. ;)

hck / 2019-04-04 04:58:30   

Quote of the day "Keep yourself upgraded", by Vaska.
Love it!

The nice thing about Indexhibit is its simplicity. It takes a lot of work to get to that spot. Kudos to you for making code/CMS accessible. This is also why I will never design a mansion, because people who want mansions want 'bells and whistles'. I'll attempt to design simplicity, as you do in code, which is a big challenge with many variables.

Thanks for keeping this alive!

ps: yes, in this post I tried to put my take on all the common questions I saw in the forum.

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