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tinyshocks / 2019-05-03 21:58:29   

Hey folks, it's another question from the person who doesn't really get the stuff behind the curtain. My site is tinyshocks.com (and I know I need to update to v.3, I'm on it...).

Five years ago when I was setting this up a friend wrote this:


in order that I might have a 'Back' link that led to the section that the on screen exhibit was housed within rather than having to use the browser's back button or be led to the home page. This has been great, all I do is paste that at the top of every new exhibit and as long as I created it within that section it goes back to the section page listing the exhibits within that section. Even idiot proof enuff for me!

Where I'm having trouble is having created a couple of exhibits in a "private" section (just not linked anywhere on the site, not password protected or anything) that I have decided should be moved into public-facing sections; the back link returns to the private section contents page which is a bunch of surf forecasting widgets. (To move the exhibits I dragged and dropped them on the main index access page.) Not super cool for folks that expect to go back to the 'Projects' section page.

Is there a way to make a change to get back to the 'Projects' section page and not the 'Surf' section page without redoing the individual exhibits? I've learned my lesson in creating things that might go public in the surf section, that's for sure. The two exhibits in question are the 'Camp Fire +100 Days' and 'Extinction Rebellion Los Angeles' ones. Hit the back link on them and see how miserable the surf in SF is in the spring!

Thanks as always to the folks that actually understand the mechanics of this! I will continue to maintain that I am a photographer and architect with little room left in my head for html or css or whatever-it-is coding but I'm super glad there are folks out there who get it!
J. Matt

tinyshocks / 2019-05-03 21:59:38   

Ha ha, now I know what wrapping in 'code' tags means!

  1. <div style="line-height:0.5px;">
  2. </div>
  3. <div class="back"><a href="../">Back</a></div>
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