How to install a second indexhibit

mb5006 / 2019-05-22 17:23:33   

I've got an indexhibit site (A) successfully installed and running on a server, and now want to add a second indexhibit site (B) on the same server and using the same database at the back end.

I'm getting confused about the various steps required to make this happen, and while previous threads explain parts of this process, nothing has clearly outlined an end-to-end method that works. This is the reason for my question. I think this will be a multi-part thread as each stage in the installation process brings different challenges.

Where to install the second indexhibit?

I'm assuming that I will need to install indexhibit again each time I want to set up a new site. In my example, there's an indexhibit installed and running for site A, so I'll need to install a new indexhibit on the same server for site B.

The root for site A is at /var/www. Where should the root for site B go? I have tried at /var/www2 but do not know whether or not this is good practice. What do other people do?

Why is install.php failing?

I then copy the indexhibit installation files to /var/www2, fix the folder permissions with chmod as per the usual installation instructions, and try to run install.php in the browser. This always fails. I think the URL is wrong but do not understand why.


I've tried various versions of this but they all fail.

Next steps

If / when I can get install.php to run, I'm expecting to follow the guidelines about changing the database prefix so as not to contaminate the existing database for site A. I won't elaborate on that next step until I have solved the install.php and site B install location questions.

Can anyone help?


Vaska A / 2019-05-22 18:54:29   

Just install as you would but you must make sure to change the database prefix during installation. Change ndxzbt_ to something like ndxzbt12_ or something. It probably can't be too long.

Also, if it says you are installed, you probably have a config.php in /ndxzsite/config/ (because you are copying files from the old site you say) - you will have to delete that (on the second site) to proceed.

mb5006 / 2019-05-22 20:43:49   

Thanks for that, Vaska. Trouble is that I cannot run install.php. With the root for site B set as /var/www2, the URL is wrong and install.php is not found in the browser. I therefore never get to the stage of specifying database prefix.

Also, is /var/www2 good or bad practice regarding the location for the second site's (B) root?

Vaska A / 2019-05-23 01:34:57   

I can't really answer that question - it depends upon how your host has things setup. Honestly, it doesn't sound right to me. I think it's more typical that you would have a vhosts folder or something. Your host doesn't have any guidance on how to setup a second website?

mb5006 / 2019-05-27 12:48:27   

I have more information from my Web host. Multiple sites are indeed located at /var/www/vhosts/site1 /var/www/vhosts/site2 /var/www/vhosts/site3 etc. Furthermore, my hosting service has a policy of one domain per database, so I will not need to alter the prefix of the database files when I do the second install because it will be in a separate database.

I'm still not clear why I could not find the install.php file, but the problem seems to have gone away now. Looks like I will be doing two simple indexhibit installations rather than sharing a database between between them.

Thanks for you help with this.

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