Admin suddenly disappeared, then password reset refuse to work.

kimhwanhee / 2019-05-25 22:12:04   

I know that “Log in error” is too often posted up here, but I have tried all the instructions that I could find from the Plugins and Forum, yet I just cannot login to my website,

It logged me out after I have kind of managed upgrading to v 2.1.5. - running PHP 7.
At first, Admin suddenly disappeared, so I patched the bug fixing file from Forum.
But instead of fixing the problem, it logged me out. So I follow the instruction of Password Reset 2. “Login: index1 / password: exhibit “ never worked. It just shows login error. And then Retrieving page comes up but does not recognise my email address. I tried this process very carefully over 10 times. And I do not think there is anything I can do here….

I hope someone could help me out here…

Vaska A / 2019-05-27 13:22:08   

There could be many things wrong here...

- your version of PHP could actually not be 7. i've seen this on many hosts where the control panel says one thing and then it's something else. your site is exhibiting symptoms that it's an old PHP.

- something could be wrong with the database and your lost your privileges - again, something i've been on a few common webhosts. i've had to create new users and privileges and then apply the new user and password to the /ndxzsite/config/config.php to get them working again.

- or perhaps, you didn't completely upload all the files in /ndxzstudio - ftp does miss files occasionally.