Section headings without hotlinks

mb5006 / 2019-06-04 17:33:46   

I've looked at old forum postings that say that you can turn off hotlinking of a section heading in the left navigation panel by unpublishing the section, but publishing an exhibit.

I cannot make this work! If I unpublish the section then it simply disappears along with all subordinate exhibits.

I am going around in circles because what I am seeing on screen is not what the forum posts are telling me should be happening.

Example workflow:

Admin > Sections > Create new section (Enter section name "new_section" and folder name "new_section") > Update > return to index (Indexhibit top left) > new_section is showing as unpublished.

So far, so good. Now, add a new exhibit. From the index screen, Create > Exhibit > "new_exhibit" in section "new_section". "new_section" is showing as unpublished; "new exhibit" is showing as published.

Preview the site. Neither new_section nor new_exhibit are visible. :(

Edit "new_section" and turn publishing on. Preview the site.

Both "new_section" and "new_exhibit" are showing and both are clickable. :(

I do not want this. I want "new_section" to appear as an unclickable section title, with "new_exhibit" clickable under it.

The forum postings say that this should be possible, but I cannot replicate what they describe.

What am I getting wrong?


Vaska A / 2019-06-04 19:23:57   

When you updated your site, did you also update the /ndxzsite/plugin/plugin.index.php file? In the past, for a short time, the script had a bug which has been fixed for some time now.

This works perfectly now...and just as you describe above, it will work. Get the newest set of files from Github (or just get that one file):…

mb5006 / 2019-06-05 10:01:48   

Perfect solution!

I replaced plugin.index.php with a fresh version from GitHub. Problem has disappeared.

Thank you!

This thread has been closed, thank you.