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iarias9 / 2019-07-15 09:18:02   

hello everyone! I am new on indexhibit and after much effort I am trying to make my own page with this complex CMS.
I have been using the information of this thread to make a transition between my two logos when you hover over it. But it doesn´t work and I don´t know why. Also I would like that when I hover over the logo or even over the links to the social networks (images) not to appear the green background of the index, like making a exception to the rule.
Any ideas?

here is my site :


iarias9 / 2019-07-16 16:14:42   

Ok! I have already finished my transition between two logos.
Now I want to resolve the hover background of my links to social networks in post-nav text. Also I would like to delete the hover background of my images of the exhibits.

Any ideas?

my site:

thanks!! :)

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