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SalzteigSalzteig / 2019-07-22 18:46:49   

Hi ! I installed the newest version of Indexhibit a few weeks ago. Now I want to upload my files (photographs). In Photoshop, the images look super sharp on my calibrated screen and also on the retina display of my laptop. But when I upload them to Indexhibit, they look unsharp (mainly on the retina). For example with image size 15x20cm, 72dpi, 425px x 544 px, both the small version and when you click on it).
Because I thought higher resolution images might fix the problem, I enabled the plugin from 'Available Plugins for Installation'. Under 'Options', I put the maximum image upload size to 1400. I then uploaded a larger version of the same image, 15 x 20, 144dpi, 850px x 1087px. But despite the plugin I get the message 'Error File is too big'. What is the ideal upload size to get sharp images on indexibit? And maybe someone has an idea why the plugin doesn't work ? I would be very grateful for any answer :)

Vaska A / 2019-07-22 20:07:09   

I have been testing for too long a solution for this. The problem is that I still find instability in shared servers. I'm hoping that with PHP 7.1+ it will improve - but it is beyond my control.

What is the best size? First of all, increase the upload size in /ndxzsite/config/options.php (just add many zeros after 500).

Shared servers all have different amounts of memory available to them. Lately, I have been uploading images at 2000px on the widest orientation - but not all servers can handle that. You will just have to do some experiments to find out what works for you.

That plugin shouldn't even be there...I need to take that out (it will return later).

SalzteigSalzteig / 2019-07-23 10:19:03   

Thanks so much Vaska for the quick response. I increased the upload size to 50000 as you wrote.

Under options, I put the 'Image Max Size' to 'fullpx' and I put the 'Thumbnail Max Size' to '350px'.
Then I uploaded the image: 144dpi, 1200 pix wide (smaller turned out unsharp)
Under options, I put the 'Image Max Size' back to '800px'.
And the 'Thumbnail Max Size' to '200px'
Now the image appears sharp on the retina (the thumbnail and the larger version of the image) !

SalzteigSalzteig / 2019-07-23 10:27:48   

So my issue is solved, thanks again !

This thread has been closed, thank you.