replacing index.php

LauraElina / 2019-09-18 08:48:55   


I tried to search the forum with "index.php" (and I also tried to google this) but didn't get any results at all, so:

Would someone be so kind to explain to me what "replacing the root index.php" means in practice?

I believe I am able to locate the file I should replace, but from where do I take the file with which I should replace it? Yes I still have the files I downloaded when I upgraded the site but I believe they are exactly the same files that I have uploaded? Or is there something here that I am now misunderstanding?

In case it's relevant for some reason, my site is

Many thanks in advance,

LauraElina / 2019-09-20 13:46:19   

Out of curiosity – if I type in the Search box "index.php", why do I get 'No Results Found' even if I see that the second question of the forum section I'm searching (Customize) has "index.php" in the question title, but the search doesn't bring even that question up?

LauraElina / 2019-09-29 10:44:42   

Another question: does "replacing" actually mean "modifying"? I.e. 'replacing the index.php' means that I should modify some of the contents of the that file?