How to center my website and making an auto-slideshow ?

inkobl / 2019-10-22 10:55:01   

Hi everybody,

I first wanted to thank you for this indispensable tool, it's been years that I wanted to create a personal site, but CMS usually have too much elaborate designs to highlight my work correctly.

In order to be able to finalize my site I still have two little things that I would like to do or that I would like to be able to approach, if there are alternatives, that seem viable to you?

1) How to center my entire site or otherwise as an alternative at least only the exhibit part (without breaking the mobile version) ?

2) How to make on my home page a slide show random of my work with an automatic scrolling, with a click option onto the image linking to the page project. (And what alternative could I find for the responsive version on mobile phone? Maybe I can just put one random image that would be perfect for me.)

I've seen a lot of time those questions, but I can't found any clear answer that work very well...

Thanks for the great work ! LOVE IT !!! Can't wait for the next version :)

Nico from PARIS, best regards !!!

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