Admin area missing after login

heather3325 / 2019-10-24 21:53:10   

Hi All -
After having the Legacy indexhibit for almost 9 years (loved it!) I had to change hosting and start from scratch. I installed the new 2.1.5 version, but it seems I am missing the admin area - this is the area where the "built with indexhibit" link goes, and style choices go, etc. (Not the exhibits where content is added)
I had it - I saw it for a minute when I first installed, but then I changed from the default user/password and now its gone! When I had the legacy version there was always another option at the top right (forget what it was called) to go in and change everything. Am I crazy? Is there another way to get to it?

many thanks

This is where I'm logging in.

heather3325 / 2019-10-25 23:32:03   

well, I wiped the site and reinstalled from new and now the admin section is there. so yeah, seems good now.

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