Problem with image spacing in over-and-over / columner deux

lgm / 2020-01-19 20:26:24   


First off amazing work, i find indexhibit to be a fine piece of design, simple and functional as it should be ;o) BUT, unfortunately I have been tweaking my website for the past few days and i reached a dead end, my poor programming skills wont let me continue forward...

I am using the columner deux theme and over-and-over exhibition layout style to display some comics and i would like to make the images stick to each other vertically (no space / margin) to form a continuous "page", but no matter how i try it i cant get it right! I went through the admin>formats zone of course, but even with the lowest setting (0px) the images are still spaced circa 9 pixels. I tried editing the css, without luck, and the .php file too, but there again without any result (i have a hard time understanding that one though). The weird thing is before switching to the columner deux theme i was able to achieve my goal in the classic indexhibit layout...

The reason i want the picture to stick to each other vertically is because i switched the website's background to black, so the margin looks very obvious, kind of annoying and distracting.

I hope someone can help!

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