New Statistics v1.0

Sardonic / 2020-02-18 20:32:17   

I know that this subject has been discussed here and there but I still have this trouble understanding the stats plugin, while it is showing a Total Page Visits of 1063 - Total Referrals 4 - Average uniques per month 260.5. While Google Analytics has 3 visits which are the Analytics test! Obviously Google Analytics is not tracking the traffic that Indexhibit Statistics plugin does. Why this discrepancy?
Thank you.

Vaska A / 2020-02-19 07:37:41   

It has been discussed many times...

Google is a billion dollar company. Indexhibit is not. Our stats are rudimentary, at best. And, they can use more work (but I'm out of money and time right now).

Stats are often tracked differently by different packages. And, Google has all the best of the best stuff available to it.

If Indexhibit stats aren't making sense for you (they are old and crunchy) - I encourage people to use another statistics system (like Analytics, for instance).

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