replace http with https for all links

srowell / 2020-05-27 17:31:00   

Hi, All browsers are now labeling my site as not secure due to mixed http and https content. I have an SSL installed but still need to replace all http links and content to https across the site. Please advise? Is there a way to do a global replacement for all internal links? site is

Vaska A / 2020-05-27 18:17:08   

Do you know what that blob of javascript at the top of your site is (look at your code)? Was it hacked?

Indexhibit will display https automatically - but, if you haven't fully updated your files then it won't happen. I have seen it once before where a host had https running but links wouldn't display properly - I believe that was some private server where the user was responsible for the setup.

I don't really have advice for you beyond that...not sure what's really going on there.

Vaska A / 2020-05-27 18:18:34   

Also, setup clean url's - that index.php stuff needs to go. There is a tutorial about Clean URL's in the Tutorials section.

srowell / 2020-05-27 19:43:06   

I removed that javascript. Not sure what that was. I checked isithacked and it they didn't detect anything. What do you mean update my files? Do I need to do this manually for all images and pages? Instead of a clean install, I updated to 2.0. Maybe I'll need to start with a fresh install but that would mean creating all new pages with copy / paste from each old page, right?

srowell / 2020-05-27 19:51:50   

Do you mean this javascript?

Vaska A / 2020-05-27 20:04:38   

Yes...let's not post those kinds of things in here. If you don't know what that is - that's not good.

When you upgrade your site, at the minimum you need to update these files:

/ndxzstudio (and everything in this folder)

Always backup before you do this.

I can't debug your server. It's possible that clean url's might help but if not, it's a server setup issue.

srowell / 2020-05-27 20:48:04   

I have no idea how that javascript got there. I guess my site was hacked at some point. I'll try to schedule a clean upgrade. Thanks. I've managed to enable clean urls and have removed links with index.php. I'll see about removing that javascript code and see how it behaves. My host (mediatemple) is working with me to resolve anything on their side, but it seems to be in the code, possibly buggy from an upgrade to 2.0 without doing a clean install. Thanks again!

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