JTYDD81 / 2020-08-05 20:05:47   

Hello. I have gone through the install process. i created a database (which i called indexhibit) using mysql wizard on my host. When i go to the url to initiate the installation i get a blank browser page with 'database is not installed in the top left corner. I have googled this and tried some suggestions from historical posts on this forum but i'm a bit lost. can anyone help, thanks Jamie

heloise / 2020-08-07 05:59:42   

Hi Jamie,
You should go on the URL so you can connect your database to your indexhibit'studio. Then you will have to fill up some information about your mysql database and so on.. then you should have access to your studio.
If you have installed the last version, user name is index1, password exhibit. Once you have access to your studio you should change your user name and password. Hope it could help !

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