dolphinspirit / 2020-10-24 06:35:53   

i have hosting, domain and have no idea what to do next to start working towards getting my webpage up....

dolphinspirit / 2020-10-24 06:45:26   

i also dont know how to download indexhibit

latanun / 2020-10-24 17:38:48 -> "Your Account" in the left index section -> in the bottom is the download link "Download Indexhibit v2.1.6"

lucaremotti / 2020-10-27 21:41:40   

Hi dolphin, once you have downloaded the file consider donating a sum for the use of the Indexhibit CMS. As we know, it has been developed since 2006 and updating goes on and this needs to be rewarded.Then print out the files you find here: and read everything very carefully. You will need an ftp client (there are free ones such as filezilla). Make also sure that your hosting package includes a MySql database. Everything is in the guidelines.

It is quite simple to make a clean installation, as mentioned, follow the instructions. They are very detailed and complete and there is no point to repeat them here.

Good luck!

This thread has been closed, thank you.