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think5577 / 2008-12-24 16:39:31   

hey everyone,

hope everyone is gearing up for the holidays!

quick question. i searched the forums for "tumblr" and found no results. i was wondering if anyone is using tumblr with indexhibit.

i simply want to have a page showcasing my uploaded iphone pics using a tumblr iphone app that i have already. i have a tumblr account and can only find this info on incorporating your tumblr site on an existing site of yours (very last option on page)

anyway, just wondering.


Vaska A / 2008-12-24 17:11:05   

Yeah...this is on the boards...I have done it (for something top secret) and it's coming.

Didn't somebody...somebody released instructions how to get a delicious link list onto a page...I'm sure it's similar for Tumblr.



another_Gary / 2008-12-28 19:07:04   


Am incorporating tumblr using the code mentioned by think5577
You can see it here: Digital Scrapbook

It works fine if you just want to see the most recent posts to your tumblr site on your indexhibit site.

I haven't yet worked out what to do with the archives (maybe i-frame) but for now it's all good.

geofferino / 2009-01-27 16:20:42   

Hi guys. Has anybody successfully managed to style their embedded tumblr blog? I'm still a novice at CSS but all I'm trying to do is apply a stylesheet to the script. Nothing fancy, just to fit it in with the theme of the rest of my site. Any ideas?

LeslieOA / 2009-01-27 21:29:48   

@geofferino: - Well, this is obviously outside of the scope of these forums, but here's some hints...

Examine the output of 'Embed Your Tumblelog' (e.g. for CSS classes.

The structure looks like this: -

  1. <ol class="tumblr_posts">
  2. <li class="tumblr_post tumblr_text_post">
  3. <div class="tumblr_body">
  4. ...fill in the blanks...
  5. </div>
  6. </li>
  7. </ol>

If you styled your own Indexhibit, this should equally be a walk in the park.


iwakami / 2009-01-27 23:33:59   

you can always take the other road and style the tumblr. it is hard work, but you'll get all the functionalities working (e.g. archive).

geofferino / 2009-01-28 02:25:11   

Thanks for your help, I realise it's a little off-topic from indexhibit itself, but I can't find relevant advice anywhere else. I've decided to use the iframe plugin, which works better than trying to embedding the js feed, as I'm not adept enough with css to understand how to link it to a stylesheet without the whole page turning into a mess. I tried wordpress but that involved even more messing about to remove searchboxes and archives etc that I didn't want on the page.

I've modified the theme on my tumblr to make it in-keeping with the theme of my site and placed it on the 'news' page of my indexhibit site, and it works OK. All I'm looking to do now is have it flush with the menu on the left (I've tried placing the plugin script in a table but see no difference). The scrollbar is also acting oddly. On every page of my site, it has space to scroll down, despite there being nothing to scroll down to, and on the news page with the tumblr plugin it starts off the same as the others, until you scroll down, at which point another one appears inside the frame (at least in Safari it does).

I'm just trying to figure out these last two pieces of the puzzle, any help would be much appreciated.

ps / 2009-01-28 09:20:12   

If by linking it to a stylesheet you mean literally linking it in your html, this is what you need to put in the  section of your file (delete the space after the "<")

  1. < link rel="stylesheet" href="YOURSTYLESHEET.css" type="text/css" media="screen, projection">

If you meant you don't know what to do with the css, well, it's actually quite simple as there are not a lot of classes which you'd need to declare. Judging from the above site, the posts are displayed as an ordered list, which is strange, but also quite convenient. All you need to declare in your css would be something like:

  1. ol.tumblr_posts {
  2. list-style:none;
  3. }
  4. li.tumblr_post tumblr_photo_post {
  5. margin: 0 0 20px 0;
  6. }
  7. .tumblr_photo {
  8. margin: 5px 0 0 0;
  9. }
  10. .tumblr_caption {
  11. font-size: small;
  12. }

The rest should be declared in your indexhibit CSS..

ps / 2009-01-28 09:23:43   

Ouch, there goes the code tag! Could someone please edit the mess I just posted into something more coherent? : D

Vaska A / 2009-01-28 15:09:44   


Great work guys...ummm...why am I saying this?


geofferino / 2009-01-28 16:54:11   

I cracked it at last! Thanks very much for your help everybody. Has anybody heard of a way to replace the number list with timestamps?

Mattfu / 2009-11-11 14:59:31   

Hi All, I'm going for an integrated Tumblr blog using the js grab. Can anyone help tell me how to style up the titles in text posts? Or sort ou the spacing. I've no idea how to do this even after reading the above. And if anyone has any more info on bringing in the date stamp or Archive I'd appreciate that too. iFrames not really an option.

Thanks in advance.


My site is

Mattfu / 2009-11-11 16:21:35   

...and what if the header is also a link. Oh dear this is going to get complicated.

another_Gary / 2009-11-12 00:04:33   

Hi Matt,

This may help you get your head around things… and apologies if you already know this.

If you're using Safari go into Preferences and under Advanced tick "Show develop menu in menu bar".

The words Develop should now be in the menu bar.

Go to your tumblr page on your web site and control click on the text you want to change. Select Inspect Element from the pop up menu and see if that helps…

Mattfu / 2009-11-12 16:40:16   

I didn't know that and it'll help loads, thank you, with the names of the elements I'm halfway there.


quickle / 2010-03-14 01:45:38   

Hey Mattfu, I found this thread trying to integrate tumblr in with my site and it looks like you have been able to do what you set out to. I'm wondering if you know how to make the tumblr photos that show up styled by indexhibit into links to their hires counterparts?

  1. I've tried pasting this code into the text area of an exhibit and it works.
  2. <p><script type="text/javascript" src="">itemsToShow : 10; Number of Tumblr posts to retrieve; imageSize : 100; shortPublishDate : true</script></p>

I'm curious what else can be done with this.

arsondpi / 2010-03-14 10:57:42   

It depends on the feeding site. You can do similar things with twitter, flickr etc...

infokill / 2010-04-10 13:16:41   

Quickle, that code works great for me. Any way to make it show more than 10 post?
And maybe the archives as well?


verlaine / 2010-06-02 03:12:35   

The code Quickle provided works for me as well!

I was curious to know why this seems unable to work with the Horizontal plugin? With any other exhibition format, it works. My tumblr is styled with a horizontal theme, which I thought would work like a charm with the horizontal plugin.

Any clues?

verlaine / 2010-06-02 03:38:15   

Ah, nevermind...There are a few kinks I need to work out with the design of my Tumblr. The code works fine -- just make sure if you use the Columner theme, the navigation header doesn't take up half the page!

noelnoblett / 2011-02-21 11:56:20   

itemsToShow : 10;

This code actually didnt work for me can anyone help?
my tumblr is

noelnoblett / 2011-02-22 04:08:16   

I just got it from the goodies section of tumblr, it worked perfectly!

carlalove / 2012-01-04 20:55:38   

anyone know how to make the images smaller than

imageSize : 100;

i tried adjusting the number but nothing happened.
other than that it's great!

thanks in advance!

louisbullock / 2012-01-05 01:31:43   

For some reason my blog posts appear outside of my < body >, any help? My blog page is here:

This thread has been closed, thank you.