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sas_steven / 2009-07-09 14:33:03   

I am working with the full background plug-in found at this thread: [I love it by the way, thanks so much to those who put in the time and effort on that].

My question: is there a way to place the menu 'behind' the background image on some exhibits, and not on others? If i give #menu a z-index of -1 in the style.css, it of course places the menu behind the background image on all the pages where there is one. I was hoping there was some way to override this [with inline styling?] on the select pages where I do not wish to hide it behind the image.

My Site.

I know this forum is maybe not the most appropriate place for this, as it is probably strictly a CSS question, but I have spent a good amount of time searching google, and can't come up with an answer. I've been searching for things that relate to 'overriding external style sheet with inline coding' and the such. If anyone could give me an idea of a better search term [or another approach to accomplishing my goal], I'd be happy to do the legwork and post back here with what I find.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

lemathieu A / 2009-07-09 14:39:33   

just a question : if you put the menu "behind" your image, how could you change of exhibition ? How could you navigate anymore ?

sas_steven / 2009-07-09 14:56:21   

Right... I would have explained, but I felt as if I was writing a novel with the first post anyway!
If you go here, and click on any of the thumbnail images, you will see a start at what I would like to do:


I am planning, if I am able to hide the menu on those 4 image pages, to place a much smaller navigation panel [like the temporary one floating in the upper left now] that would allow a user to click left and right through the full background images, and then return back to the link above, where the menu returns [because there is no background image] where you then can navigate to another exhibit. The problem is that I would like the home page to have a background image, and I obviously can't be hiding the menu there! I hope that is somewhat clear, as to my intentions...

maaike / 2009-07-09 18:48:30   

You could try to make a separate exhibition format for those pages that shouldn't have the menu and put this somewhere in them: [style] #menu {display:none !important } [/style]
Replace the "["'s with "

sas_steven / 2009-07-09 19:24:43   

Thanks for the suggestion maaike. This does not seem to have an effect though. I've tried it out Here.

When I looked at the code being displayed through Firebug on this page, I was reminded of the fact that anything I type in the exhibit edit box provided by Indexhibit will fall under the content container div... which is of course totally separate from the menu div. Could this be why this method is not effective?

Also, I may have misunderstood. Did you mean to drop this code into the exhibit edit box, or to create a new exhibition format [like grow, over and over, etc.]? If you meant the latter, I did not try this, and would have to read up on how to even do this...

I might go ahead and look into creating a new format now.

maaike / 2009-07-09 20:59:38   

Hi Steven,
I actually meant you should create a new format, but now I think what you did might work as well! You just need to make a small change. I believe your style rule isn't working because there's a [br] tag in front of the display:none property. Open your page and view source, then you'll see what I mean. If you manage to remove the line break (ie put everything on one line) you'll probably be okay. Good luck!

sas_steven / 2009-07-09 21:07:07   

aha! that was it!
the beauty, and the unbelievable frustration, of coding...
a single soft return separates no change at all, from exactly what i wanted.

thank you so much for the time and advice maaike!

7 / 2009-07-09 21:24:30   

Nice work so far sas_steven.
I visualized an exhibit system like this using the full background plugin so it's cool to see it somewhat realised!

Not as smooth as a normal exhbit I guess but I like it; as well as the left to right nav you mentioned the natural thing next is for there to be thumbnails incorporated in that, right? Like you had where you first select an image.

A bit like the "Backgrounded" exhibit. With that in mind, I wonder if the fullbackground plugin could output to an exhibit div...? Resizable exhibit divs. nice.

sorry I'm just adding discussion to this and no real information. ;)

7 / 2009-07-16 13:29:38   

I'm still thinking about this full background nav/exhibit.

sas_steven, on the off chance you'll check back here, how are you finding what you've set up with this? Is it not a little slow downloading?

sas_steven / 2009-07-21 19:53:38   

it is a little slow, i think. i'm extremely new to this - all of this stuff - so i wouldn't know the first thing on whether or not it would be helpful/nice to have the fullbackgrounded plugin outputting to an exhibit div.

i do know, that it is a little cumbersome the way i'm going about it... which is to make an exhibit [and hide it from the menu] for every image. so for a project with 10 images, instead of a single exhibit, i create 11, and hide 10 of them. for my purposes, since there will be a limited number of projects on my site, i am willing to do it this way - especially as i don't know any php or javascript, and wouldn't be able to code the whole thing to run a little more efficiently, or elegantly anyway.

if you ever invest the time into writing such a plugin, i'd love to know about it though! and who knows, maybe if i keep at this, i'll develop the skills to make it myself...

7 / 2009-07-21 23:17:41   

Hi Steven

I'm actually embarking on something for this tomorrow. I started today and am planning to in part do something similar to yours then try to think about plugins for this, or at least something with the aim of loading the way the established exhibits load! With speed and fluidity ;)
With the div output I'm not sure either still, I once got a smaller than browser size div to resize but I'm not sure if that's relevant in the way I achieved it.

Anyway as far as plugins go I need to tackle that, I don't know what I'm doing either. But then, I didn't know anything about CSS/html or anything once upon a time ;)

This thread has been closed, thank you.