How do I log in to update my site?

cstockmann / 2010-05-01 04:20:42   

I finished setting up my indexhibit website super late and then forgot how to get to the log-in page. So now I cannot access my website to finish it, upload, etc. How do I get to my site's control panel for indexhibit. (i'm all set with the hosting situation, i just need the log in info for the back end of my site (colleenstockmann . com)

arsondpi / 2010-05-01 08:48:42   

...if you don't remember your login/password and you want to reset them then search for the Reset script in the Downloads section on the left.

cstockmann / 2010-05-01 20:50:11   

i know the log in, but isnt there something like or some url to go to to log in? or is it just somewhere on the indexhibit site (which i am already logged in to)?

arsondpi / 2010-05-01 21:16:47

cstockmann / 2010-05-02 00:50:33   

Thank you!!

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