Scroller Theme

lemathieu A / 2010-05-05 07:45:44   

Wanna dance ?
The Scroller theme is for you.

Wanna download it ?

To activate the theme :
> unzip it and upload Scroller theme elements to /ndxz-studio/site/, /site/js and /site/plugin via your ftp (inside the main "ndxz-studio" folder).
> switch to Advanced mode in Settings (if it's not already done)
> select the theme

The CSS code is commented to be easily edited and understood.
It's as cool as possible.
Even the jquery scroll_menu.js has css rules to change colors, margins, etc…

Change it ! Shake it ! Make this theme yours !

I would love to see your use of it, so please post a link here.

And you're welcome to give feedbacks, imputs or whatever !

arsondpi / 2010-05-05 08:00:30   

Thanks for sharing Mathieu.

rickykappa / 2010-05-06 19:28:10   

a good work indeed, chapeau again!

Vaska A / 2010-05-06 19:46:54   

I wondered when you would finally release that one. Cheers!

lemathieu A / 2010-05-07 07:05:26   

yes, lots of little problems, I was not happy of this one at a point, started another one…
always on the move

What do you people think about this one ?

rm5892 / 2010-05-07 18:36:58   

Great work, Mathieu! Have a quick question, though.

How can I remove the Section name from being displayed to the right of each link in the sidebar?


rm5892 / 2010-05-07 21:55:18   

Whoops, forgot to ask one thing:

I was playing around with disabling the scrolling while keeping the mouseover effect. I'm also displaying the section names in the sidebar as Indexhibit normally does. The thing is these section names are also clickable even though they don't link anywhere. Any idea how I can fix this?

Thanks again!

blameme / 2010-05-07 22:11:07   

hey, looks tight! I think it would be nice with an active state.

lemathieu A / 2010-05-08 09:40:27   

@ rm5892 :, just keep the "normal" index.php in /site/plugin, don't take mine.

Disabling scrolling… don't remember, but I faced this problem at the start, until putting the sidebar. Erase the sidebar ?

Active state… never found out.

the_dig / 2010-05-09 11:26:51   

Hi Mathieu,

Love the scroll bar - trying to get our site up and running - have downloaded the file, unzipped and uploaded to the relevant folders in our control panel, still doesn't seem to have taken...any ideas?Would I need to delete some original template files...?
All so very new to this!

Thank you so much...

our site address is if thats any help...!

lemathieu A / 2010-05-09 12:05:59   

@ the_dig

1/ upload all the content in the different folders
2/ it will "overwrite" some current files in some folders.
3/ switch to Advanced mode in Settings (if it's not already done)
4/ select the theme

what is not working for you ?

the_dig / 2010-05-09 13:25:46   

thanks Mathieu...1-3 is all done, I'm so sorry if the answer to this question is obvious - but what do you mean by
4/ select the theme

Very new to all of this!


the_dig / 2010-05-09 13:52:44   

ahhhhh! I now understand what you mean to set to the 'scroller theme'...however it doesn't seem to be coming up...even though I have transferred the files accordingly....any troubleshooting tips as to why this hasn't happened?

Many Thanks....

lemathieu A / 2010-05-09 18:09:06   

What hasn't happened?
You can't select the theme ? it doesn't appear in your list of themes ?

You have for now the "eatock" template. Did you ever change your settings to advanced, and then trying to select another theme, as "sample" ?

m0 / 2010-05-10 09:46:32   

a very nice theme!!! THX lemathieu

ivo_valadares / 2010-05-10 12:13:06   

What a nice theme. Love the menu. Thanks and may the pope bless you with his almighty power (but always watch your back).


jacobys / 2010-05-12 18:26:13   

Set up the theme. great! Thanks fellows.
So. It disables the Iframed plug-in. I'm trying to keep my Tumblr embedded in my "blog"section. I was able to partially fix it with a bit of java I grabbed from an auto-resize iFrame forum, but I'm still left with a margin on the right-where the pre-nav text is.
I am working to fix this and learning along the way (Don't know Java/PHP, reasonable at CSS). But, I wonder, am I working towards a lost cause?

My site

arsondpi / 2010-05-12 18:58:06   

I wouldn't use an iframe... Others have managed to integrate tumblr succesfully with a the tumblrBadge.js
Maybe this post could be of some help. I bumped on this link as well..

kafeinadav / 2010-05-12 21:35:56   

Thank you Mathieu!
I was trying to change the height of the scrolling men√π make it start and end at a certain height of the screen, because at the top of the page I've put my logo (and I'd like not to cover it) :)

Can you help me with this ? (I'm deadly new to js...)

I guess the solution is in some parameters of the scroll_menu.js file...but can't figure out which one...

lemathieu A / 2010-05-13 06:44:14   

@ kafeinadav : start playing with top and bottom position in #sidebar

SludgeDesign / 2010-05-13 22:09:15   

this theme is simply AWESOME!!
but i've a lot of problems with google chrome.. the scroll doesn't work :(
do you have an idea about it?

betterburnout / 2010-05-14 13:13:33   

Hello Mathieu,
Thank you for sharing your very nice work.
It is great great.
Je viens d'essayer le thème.
Comme ce que j'avais construit ne s'intègre pas immédiatement à "The Scroller"
( la taille des typos, des noms de rubriques trop longs qui causent des retours à la ligne dans le menu principal… À moins que ce ne soit l'usage d'un "#there4" qui provoque cela :/),
j'ai voulu revenir au thème d'"Ed Nacional" que j'ai utilisé jusque-là.

Mais le retour en arrière m'a mis une panique assez phénoménale dans le menu principal.

J'ai remis mon ancien fichier index.php dans site/plugin
et tout (semble) être revenu dans l'(ancien)ordre.

Questions :
Puis-je utiliser mon ancien index.php avec "The Scroller" ?
Ou, si j'installe ce nouveau fichier, y-a-t-il moyen de le modifier pour qu'il fonctionne malgré tout avec l'ancien thème ?

Merci beaucoup Mathieu,
Vive la France.

betterburnout / 2010-05-14 13:19:51   

Petit ps : je ne sais pas si c'est une volonté, mais il semble qu'il y ait un "T" de trop à la section "Quatre" de la démonstration du thème.
Ce qui jure quelque peu avec la perfection visuelle de ce dernier :)

lemathieu A / 2010-05-14 13:21:29   

Le nouvel index.php contenu dans site/plugin est indispensable à l'affichage de la catégorie à côté de nom du projet.
C'est sa seule utilité.
Et merci !


The new index.php in site/plugin is only necessary to have the section name at the side of the exhibition name.

lemathieu A / 2010-05-14 13:22:29   

Si c'est la seule faute d'orthographe, tout va bien. Je vais même la laisser pour toi. ;)

betterburnout / 2010-05-14 13:46:25   

Je te rappelle lemathieu, que tu es un perfectionniste… Sinon cette "nouvelle" version d'Indexhibit… nous l'aurions eue depuis belllllllle lurette ( car je présume que tu es dans le coup toi aussi ). Tu ne ne te résoudras donc pas à laisser cette éprouvante erreur orthographique :)
Dernière question et je ne t'importune plus,
si je comprends bien, si j'ai un nom de projet / rubrique dans lequel sont inclus plusieurs pages / catégories… Je les aurai forcément à la queue-leu-leu de ladite rubrique ?

Ce qui sous-tend que pour une clarté graphique optimale du menu principal,
qu'il vaut mieux avoir un nom de projet + une seule catégorie, non ?
Amitiés ®.

dansz / 2010-05-20 02:17:21   

I like this theme a lot, but how can I move the pre-nav text so that it's back in the upper left corner as it is with the Sample theme?

mheckart / 2010-05-20 15:19:22   

this theme is supercool - but slideshow isn't working. am i missing something? slideshow would be perfect to use with this theme, is there anything i can do??

arsondpi / 2010-05-20 16:54:31   

...have you got a link back to indexhibit?

mheckart / 2010-05-20 23:10:59   

i have a link, lower right corner.

arsondpi / 2010-05-20 23:30:34   

oh ok - anyhow I get 10 js errors with firebug in your XM Satellite Radio page...
Not sure why - it could be because you have your site in a frameset (it could be not)

mheckart / 2010-05-21 16:23:03   

oh dear, i don't know what that means! do i need to update the javascript or something?

mheckart / 2010-05-21 16:28:44   

i don't think it's a frameset issue, same problem at (doing the forwarding/masking thing).

jaselpool / 2010-06-21 08:19:09   

Hi there - doesn't seem to work in Safari browser?

All OK in firefox but loses all backgrounds and images in Safari?


jaselpool / 2010-06-21 09:08:31   

I've run it through validation and it gives these errors on all pics:

Required attribute "alt" not specified

Now as the images are uploaded via indexhibit and the code is generated on the fly how do I get that alt specification in automatically?

I take it that is what is making the images vanish in safari?

Any help appreciated


Vaska A / 2010-06-21 09:49:02   

alt is not a big will not prevent anything from working properly.

jaselpool / 2010-06-21 10:40:01   

Any idea why the images don't show up in Safari then please?

No other errors are being reported and all works great in Firefox


arsondpi / 2010-06-21 17:13:57   

...your images appear fine in my machine (in Safari). Btw you are missing scroll_menu.js

maxs / 2010-06-22 10:31:34   

Hi there! Thank you for the awesome theme!
I've got just one question.. It seems the Section names on my site are just showing up in between the links in the menu - rather than on the right - even though I've used Mathieu's index.php in the site/plugin folder.
Anybody got any idea about where I might be going wrong?


lemathieu A / 2010-06-22 12:01:29   

It's in settings > sections > edit > display section title > off

maxs / 2010-06-22 12:41:28   

Ah yes sorry, here's the link to my website: site

As you can see it's not the 'display section title' option I am looking for. The problem is that the section titles are not showing up on the right, as they are in the example.


lemathieu A / 2010-06-22 13:06:40   

Are you sure you uploaded the index.php as mentionned ?
Try again, sometimes ftp cuts.

maxs / 2010-06-22 13:30:48   

To be 100% sure I just downloaded the 'scroller_theme' once more, and placed the index.php from the folder 'in-/site/plugin' to the 'site/plugin' folder on my server. Problem is still there though..
Is there anything I can look for in the index.php file?

lemathieu A / 2010-06-22 15:21:36   

I don't remember… compare with an original one.

Could you try to "reset" the menu style from the original css ?
Just to see if this a customisation problem.

maxs / 2010-06-22 18:00:48   

Hi Mathieu,

Thank you so much for trying to help me out! I've tried to "reset" the menu style using the original css, but it doesn't change. In fact, it never did display the names on the right side..
However, I went through the index.php and I noticed it is referring to span class='mathieuisasuperfreak'. I've pasted the code below, please note that I had to add some spaces for the entire code to show.

  1. foreach($out as $page)
  2.         {
  3. ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†$active = ($rs['id'] == $page['id']) ? " class='active'" : '';

$s .= "< li$active>< a href='" . BASEURL . ndxz_rewriter($page['url']) . "' onclick=\"do_click();\">" . $page['title'] . "< /a> < span class='mathieuisasuperfreak'>$page[sec_desc]< /span>< /li>\n";

As I am pretty new to this I am not sure whether I'm saying something stupid, but it seems the 'mathieuisasuperfreak' hasn't been defined anywhere.. Could this be the problem?

guyphenix / 2010-08-22 16:43:03   

Hey great theme trying to get the animation of the menu working over at
I have read the tutorial but do not have one clue what to do with all the stuff. I am seeing a lot of code but not much info where to put it.
Any help would be appreciated.

lemathieu A / 2010-08-22 17:40:54   

You didn't change the jQuery 1.1.2 to the new jQuery 1.3.1 that is in the js folder of the scroller theme.
This theme can't work without upgrading jQuery.
Reupload the jquery.js fom the scroller theme download.

guyphenix / 2010-08-22 20:22:51   

Thanks so much lematieu, cyberduck musnt have replaced the jQuery.
Great theme.
God Bless.

brunorosa / 2010-09-08 21:16:33   

Hello lemathieu, Im having the same problem as maxs... tried looking in the code but, although I understand a little of php, indexhibit is a bit new to me... can you help?

Thanks and congratulations on the theme!


lemathieu A / 2010-09-09 09:46:22   

With a site it could be easier to help…

This thread has been closed, thank you.